Matt mansfield

Singer, songwriter, live looping music artist, former radio dj, live performer.

Michigan born and raised, graduate of Specs Howards School of Broadcasting Arts & northern Michigan enthusiast.

Matt isn't a band, but he could easily fool anyone who closed their eyes. Combining instrumental skill along with technical looping prowess, Mansfield creates the sound of a full live band bent on giving you the show of your life. Add this to his passionate vocal style, and you have an incredible one-man cacophony of sound to ensure the listener an amazing experience.

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Wait... what is Live Looping?

Live looping is the art of recording layers upon layers of sound live in real-time in front of an audience.

No pressure, right? 

The outcome: An entire performance created with just a single musician. 

By building percussive and melodic layers, Matt perfectly crafts a multi-part arrangement through the use of technology and performance skill. 

Bonus: He somehow manages to sing & engage a crowd too. 

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Venue and Event Reviews

The Crazy Diamond Club

Chelsea, MI

"I first saw Matt performing in Traverse City and was mesmerized by his talent. I jumped at the opportunity to have him play at my bar. He was the first live music event we hosted since the pandemic. I wish I could explain in words what the experience was like. Matt lit up the crowd. His energy and talent radiated and filled the room with light. It's been weeks and people are still buzzing! We can't wait to have him back" - Lynae, Owner of The Crazy Diamond.

Mammoth Distilling

Bay Harbor, MI

"He has the classic and current favorites reimagined and reproduced in every facet."

Mammoth Distilling

Traverse City, MI

"Matt delivers great vocals, live looping with acoustic music from The Beatles to Backstreet to Beck, Paul Simon to The Police to Prince."

Workshop Brewing Company

Traverse City, MI

"We love having Matt here to entertain our guests and he doesn't disapoint. Inside, outside, streaming - he does it all."

Press Kit

About Matt's Sound

In his words: "If Radiohead tried writing songs for Martin Sexton. With James Morrison as the feat. artist, and eventually covered by a 90's grunge singer on his    come back tour." 

Matt grew up on the Beatles, Motown and Paul Simon, until finding "Seattle" on his own. He adores Sam Cooke and Tom Waits, and "struggles" to hide his love for melodic hip hop. 

When he isn't working on his own original album and crafting his sound, Matt spends his "free time" entertaining the masses & supporting local business by entertaining live with covers he re-creates right then and there. He has been known to encourage the crowd to see if they can guess the song while he builds the loops, right before their ears. 

 Want to play a game? Check out the middle clip above and see how fast you can name that song. 

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